Cincom Priority - ERP for SME


Cincom Priority™ is a general business system designed specifically around the needs of Small to Midsize Enterprises (SME). As a leading ERP solution it provides a breadth of proven application support for service, sales, marketing, distribution, production, inventory, purchasing, project management, human resources, costing and financial accounting. Priority has deep products and services industry capability to address your most pressing business problems.

Unlike other ERP products, Cincom Priority is delivered with a flexible, scalable technology environment to meet the strategic needs of high growth, agile enterprises.   Cincom Priority includes off-the-shelf Business Intelligence (BI), Business Process Management (BPM), Workflow, Collaboration, E-Business and MS Office integration components that bridge the gap between:

- Top floor and shop floor
- Front office and back office
- Your business and your partner’s business
- Structured data and unstructured information

And unlike other vendors, only Cincom has 40 years dedicated software and implementation services experience. A Perfect Customer Experience at a price you can afford.

Why Priority?

Priority, Cincom’s comprehensive ERP for SME software suite, provides integrated business management solutions for commercial and manufacturing organizations worldwide.
What are some of the things that set the Priority software and Cincom apart from the pack?

  • Product Excellence: Priority encapsulates the robustness of a solution that has many years of field-proven operation. Far-reaching in functionality, yet simple to operate and easy to maintain. Priority also helps you manage compliance with international accounting standards (including GAAP).
  • Technology Architecture
    • On-Premise web enabled installation in a few mouse clicks
    • WPF based web enabled graphical User Interface (UI)
    • Coherent graphical UI – the same user interface throughout the application including the Software Development Kit (SDK)
    • Unmatched user level customizability (menus, forms, reports, documents, business rules, data migration interface)
    • Version management utility that ensures operational integrity of customer specific customizations through Service Pack and Upgrades installations
  • Application Architecture
    • Delivered with industry oriented, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
    • Built-in customization management and deployment capability
    • Multi-company structure on a single instance system (forms, reports etc.) to operate in many languages, conforming to various local financial regulations and currency requirements
  • Industry Solutions
    • Industry specific extensions are all consistent with the core application (developed with the same SDK) so all core built-in utilities (such as BPM, BI etc.) are available throughout the entire system and across all industries
  • Scalability: Priority can be configured around your organisational structure and deployment preferences to accommodate the full spectrum of corporate needs: from the head office through a rollout to company branches and even isolated operations.
  • Track Record: Our best testimonial for a credible product is Priority's track record, with years of proven field service in large (hundreds of users) and small (handfuls of users) organizations, across numerous industries.
  • Training: Priority's learning aids include Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Wizards, On-Line Help, Demo Videos, FAQ's and a detailed User Interface Guide.
  • Project Management: Cincom continually refine a proven implementation and go-live methodology around advanced Priority migration tools.
  • Support: Cincom Australia have a proud 30 year history of professional product support to local customers.
  • Flexibility: Cincom Consultants can go a long way in meeting your special requirements that are not provided out-of-the-box by using Priority's SDK and upgrade capabilities.
  • Additional Technology Features:
    • Scalable ERP based on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)
    • Unicode - work in multiple languages simultaneously. For example, in a single installation of Priority you can use data entry forms in Italian and record names and addresses of Italian customers in Italian, while the default form is in Australian English and names and addresses of local customers are recorded in English.
    • Microsoft .NET 3.5 platform
    • Comprehensive integration/synchronization with MS-Office
    • On-line/Off-line capabilities in our CRM and Point Of Sale modules
    • Integrated Business Intelligence (BI) software solution
    • Integrated Business Process Management (BPM) solutions
    • Integrated Document Management
    • Integration with Google Mail