Keller Series 2Mi Miniature Pressure Transducers

By Bestech Australia

The miniature 2Mi series transducers from Keller are designed for hydrodynamic and aerodynamic pressures over a wide frequency band. The measurements are carried out in a situ, thereby eliminating the errors caused by transducers mounted at a distance from the sensing point. The pressure transducer is mounted on a stainless-steel casing with a thin layer of silicone elastomer. This mounting configuration helps in protecting the transducer from the external environment. The 2Mi miniature pressure transducer features a high-sensitivity piezoresistive chip in micro-machined silicon and is submerged on the chip side.

The miniature transducer can be used for the pressure measurement on blades of hydraulic turbines, supervision of steam jets, profile measurement of aeroplanes and helicopters.