Validyne P78 Submersible Differential Pressure Transducer


The P78 is a submersible differential pressure transducer from Validyne Engineering that is specifically designed for underwater pressure measurement or applications in harsh environments. This differential pressure transducer is manufactured with a variable reluctance sensing technology. This technology is suitable for use in a wide variety of low-pressure measurement applications that require sensors with a fast and dynamic response, high resistance to vibration as well as superior temperature stability.

The P78 pressure transducer can measure pressure in both gases and liquids medium. As the sensing diaphragm is directly in contact with the medium, there is no internal isolation fluids to slow down the response or cause temperature shift errors. The output of this sensor is available in three configurations; 4-20mA, DC and isolated DC. The wetted parts are designed from 316 stainless steel for high corrosion resistance and a Teflon coated diaphragm. It can also be optionally designed from Inconel or Hastelloy for measurement in highly corrosive environment.

This rugged submersible pressure sensor is ideally used for level measurements in industrial plants. However, it can also be used for measuring pressure in Hydraulic Systems, Vehicle Testing and Engine Test Cells.

Key features:

  • Measurement range: 8.62kPa – 22MPa differential
  • Accuracy: 0.25% of Full scale
  • Temperature range: -54C – 121C