Mag-Mate Switchable Magnetic Clamps

By Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics Pty Ltd

New Switchable Magnetic Clamps

Serpent & Dove—Applied Magnetics has been appointed as importer and wholesaler of a new and improved range of switchable magnetic clamps. Switchable magnetic clamps and squares are used to position and clamp steel work-pieces for welding.

Using high strength rare earth magnetic circuits, the Mag-Mate series of switchable permanent magnets feature significant improvements and benefits. For example, each clamping face is recessed to provide clamping of round steel as well as flat—and this is done with no loss of clamping strength.

The Mag-Mate product scope also includes Pivoting Angles and Heavy Duty 90o Angles with adjustable magnet positioning and the Mag-Mate Power-Grip Hand-Held on/off Lifters for handling and positioning small or hot work-pieces. See