Water Quality Assessment with Ahlborn Sensors

By Bestech Australia

Bestech Australia introduces sophisticated water quality measurement systems from Ahlborn Sensors. The measurement systems consisted of physical sensors and a data acquisition instrument with data logging function.

The latest measuring instruments from Ahlborn feature Almemo 710 data logger and Almemo 202 handheld data logger. For more sophisticated measurement, the Almemo 710 offers a high-resolution display of 5.7-inch color graphic and is compatible with all sensors from Ahlborn. It also comes with 10 measurement channels that can be easily configured and operated via touchscreen function.   

For daily measurement, Almemo 202 offers great mobility with similar capability to Almemo 710 instrument. It offers illuminated graphical display and can be easily operated through 4 soft-keys and a cursor block. The menu guidance is also easily structured and easy-to-understand. In comparison to 710 instrument, the 202 device offers 2 measurement channels and is only compatible with the latest digital sensors D6 and D7 from Ahlborn.

The electrical conductivity sensor probes are available in analog and digital probes, FYA641LFP1 and FYD 741. They are suitable for measurement in concentrated wastewater, emulsions and in alkaline and corrosive medium. The digital probe FYD741, in particular, is able to measure conductivity fr om a very low level of 10µS/cm up to a very high level of 500µS/cm. It also offers an outstanding linearity, temperature compensated measurement and is compatible with both ALMEMO 710 and ALMEMO 202.

Sensors to measure other physical parameters, such as oxygen concentration and pH are also available. For more information, please contact us and one of our application engineers will contact you with more details.