Kolver Electric Screwdrivers


Looking To Increase Your Product Quality and Reduce Errors?

New to Australia and New Zealand, Kolver Electric Screwdrivers ensure fasteners are torqued correctly first time, every time.

Offering exceptional error proofing technology, Kolver screwdrivers are priced 2-3 times less than comparable DC electric screwdrivers, without sacrificing on quality or durability.
Not only are Kolver Screwdrivers more AFFORDABLE than pneumatic assembly tools, they’re also FASTER, MORE ACCURATE and offer a QUIETER OPERATION, with no expensive compressors required.


Manufactured in Italy, Kolver offers many benefits to a wide range of businesses and applications:

- Fasteners are torqued correctly every time.
- Targeted torque can be easily programmed.
- Assembly errors are reduced with increased speed and output.
- Kolver equipment is able to detect crossed or stripped threads, re hits, incomplete rundowns, missing seals or gaskets, parts out of tolerance, damaged threads etc.
- Features enhanced ergonomic designs and ESD safe housing.
- Built-to-last and requires minimal maintenance.

Kolver Tool Options:    

- Hand held
- In-line
- Pistol
- Angle head
- Robotic or fixtured versions are operated via remote signals from a PLC to the Kolver controller.

Controller Options:
From basic single program controllers through to advanced torque and angle controllers with 8 program storage and remote programming software.

Customer Testimonial – See how Kolver screwdrivers have assisted Shane Borderick from Netec Industries with his business here

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