High Precision Torque Sensor for Static and Dynamic Measurements

By Bestech Australia

Bestech Australia introduces a high precision torque sensor designed for both static and dynamic measurements on non-rotating applications. Applications include torque measurements on extremely small electrical actuating drives and micro-mechanical actuator elements, or for measuring reaction torques e.g. on micro-motors. The high accuracy of measurement also makes this sensor ideal for use as a reference in many fields of industrial manufacture, or in laboratory research and development projects. As it does not contain any rotating parts, it requires no maintenance if used properly. Installation is made easy with the inclusion of mounting brackets and flange adapters, allowing quick and practical integration of the sensor into existing or newly developed setups and test benches.

The strain-gauge based sensor’s modular design allows precise configuration for specific applications:

• mV/V with standardized output signal
• ± 10 V output signal, configuration via USB
• ± 10 V output signal, configuration and measurement via USB

Main features:

• Measurement ranges from 0 ... 0.01 Nm to 0 ... 10 Nm
• Linearity error from ≤ 0.05 % F.S.
• Output signal ± 10 V / USB (optional)
• Tare function, filter and average values configurable