PUMA 2600SYB Y Axis & Sub Spindle CNC Turning Centre (L7219)

By Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse

Y Axis & Sub Spindle CNC Turning Centre

"Basic Specifications
780mm Swing Over Bed
630mm Swing Over Saddle
760mm Turning Length
376mm Turning Ø
105mm (±52.5mm) Y Axis Travel
3600 (0.0010 Resolution) C Axes, Main & Sub Spindles
390kg Main Spindle Capacity, 950kg Shaft Work Capacity

Main Spindle
102mm Bar Capacity
300mm Ø Hydraulic Chuck
3500RPM Spindle Speed
22kW Spindle Power
1123Nm Spindle Torque

Sub Spindle
50mm Bar Capacity
150mm Ø Hydraulic Chuck
4500RPM Spindle Speed
7.5kW Spindle Power
85Nm Spindle Torque

BMT 65 Tool Mounting
5000RPM Live Tool Speed
7.5kW Live Tool Power
95.5Nm Live Tool Torque
12 Station Turret
25mm Square / 50 & 32mm Ø Tool Capacity
ER32 Live Tool Collet Size
Eppinger Preci-Flex Tooling System

CNC Control
Doosan Fanuc I Series (0i-MD) CNC Controller
10.4 Colour LCD Monitor
Rigid-synchronised tapping
Custom Macro B
Ethernet Interface
RS232 Interface
USB & PCMCIA Memory Card Slot
Doosan Ezi Guide I Conversational software:
Graphical Turning Cycles
Graphical Milling Cycles
Full 3D Graphical Simulation
Onboard G & M code assistance
+ more

Standard Equipment - Included
3 Jaw Hydraulic Power Chucks
Chuck Cleaning Air Blast
Eppinger rotary tool holders with Preci-Flex adapter set
Coolant supply equipment
Foot switches
Full enclosure chip and coolant shield with front door interlock
Hand tool kit
Automatic lubrication equipment
Comprehensive manuals incorporating, Operation, Maintenance, Programming, Spare Parts Diagrams, Hydraulic Schematics, Electrical Schematics and Ladder Diagrams.
Safety name plates / tags where required
Risk assessment
Work light

Optional Equipment Included
Chuck open close confirmation proximity switches
Chip Conveyor (Side Discharge, Hinged Belt)
Auto Tool Setter (Hydraulically operated)
Coolant Oil Skimmer
7 Bar High Pressure Coolant
Barfeed Interface
Sub Spindle Work Ejector
Chuck Cleaning Air Blast

Standard Turret Tool Holder Package Included
1 x OD Tool Holder Main (R & L)
1 x DBL OD Tool Holder Main/Sub (R & L)
1 x Face Tool Holder
2 x ID Tool Holder Main 
1 x DBL ID Tool Holder 
1 x Cut Off Tool Holder
1 x U Drill Cap Main
2 x U Drill Cap Sub  
2 x Straight Milling Unit 
3 x Angular Milling Unit 
1 x Eppinger Preci-Flex Kit 
1 x Boring Sleeve Kit Main
1 x Boring Sleeves Kit Sub
1 x U Drill Sleeve Kit Main
1 x U Drill Sleeve Kit Sub
1 x ER 32 Milling Collet Set 
1 x Hard & Soft Jaws Main and Sub

Local Service and Support
Commissioning & Testing Included
Comprehensive Operator Training Included
Hare and Forbes In House Service And Applications Staff
Ongoing Support For Life Of The Machine


Model: PUMA 2600SYB
Swing: 780mm
Max Turning Ø: 376mm
Turning Length: 725mm
Chuck Ø: 300mm
Bar Ø Capacity: 102mm
Tool Stations: 12
Spindle Speed: 2800rpm
Spindle Motor: 22kW
Guideways: Box Guideway
Control: Doosan Fanuc I Series
Programming: EZI Guide I Conversational
C Axes Res: 0.001º
Milling Speed: 5000rpm
Milling Collets: ER32
Sub Chuck Ø: 150mm
Y Axis Travel: 105mm (±52.5mm)"