AL-336D DELUXE Centre Lathe 300 x 900mm Turning Capacity (L682D)

By Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse

Centre Lathe
300 x 900mm Turning Capacity Includes Digital Readout, Quick Change Toolpost, Leadscrew Covers, Foot Brake & Cabinet Stand

"A high quality specification, floor standing, heavy duty metal turning lathe suitable for the keen model engineer, general maintenance and small production work shops. Featuring a precision ground, induction hardened bed, fully gear driven spindle with hardened and ground gears with a speed range of 65 - 1810rpm, selectable via the front of headstock mounted gear selection levers.

2HP single phase 240V motor is supplied on machine, taper roller spindle bearings, range of cross and longitudinal feed speeds selected on a separate gearbox, thread chasing dial, spindle foot brake, chuck guard with safety interlock, guarded leadscrew, splash guard, coolant pump system, work lamp, digital readout on a separate panel.

Supplied with a large range of standard accessories including a 150mm(6') 3 jaw self centring chuck, 200mm(8') 4 jaw independent chuck, face plate and dead centres. 5 to 3 MT reduction sleeve, steady rest, follow rest, quick change tool post with 4 tool holders. The floor stand is supplied with a swarf tray and incorporates a foot brake. Change gears and toolbox with maintenance tools.

The overall capacities are 900mm between centres and 300mm swing over the bed. A gap bed facility gives 450mm swing. Thread cutting facilities in Metric & Imperial with a reversible leadscrew, the thread chasing dial provides easy re-engagement of the leadscrew in the correct position. (note the thread chasing dial is designed for imperial only).

- 2 Axis digital readout
- Quick change toolpost with 4 holders
- Gear drive headstock for quick change of spindle speeds
- Precision 'V'-beds are hardened and ground, incorporating a rigid webbed casting
- Concertina leadscrew cover
- Slide out swarf tray from front of machine
- Low voltage work light
- Foot operated spindle brake with safety cut out switch
- Slide out front swarf tray for easy cleaning
- Change gears for metric and imperial thread cutting
- Oil sight glass for head stock and gearbox
- Adjustable taper roller bearings support the spindle
- 18 spindle speeds from 65 to 1810rpm
- Inching button is incorporated on the control panel for convenient spindle speed selection
- Enclosed quick action gearbox for thread cutting and auto feeding
- Powered longitudinal and cross feeds
- D1-4 camlock spindle for quick chuck changes and safe reverse direction turning. ISO standard
- Removable gap bed-way for larger diameter jobs
- Dual calibrated dials (except for saddle hand-wheel)
- Chuck & change gear guards are fitted with micro switches

- 2 Axis digital readout system
- Concertina leadscrew cover
- Quick change toolpost with 4 holders
- Slide out front swarf tray
- 3-jaw chuck with reverse jaws
- 4-jaw chuck
- Face plate
- Fixed steady
- Travelling steady
- Coolant system
- Change gears
- Dead centres
- Thread-chasing dial
- Safety chuck guard
- Work light
- Stand
- Foot brake
- Rear splash guard & slide out swarf tray
- Tool box
- Instruction booklet


Model: AL-336D-DELUXE
Digital Readout System Fitted: Yes
Quick Change Toolpost Fitted: Yes
Leadscrew Covers Fitted: Yes
Coolant System: Yes
Tool Height To Suit: 12mm
Distance Between Centres: 900mm
Swing Over Bed: 300mm
Swing Over Cross-slide: 180mm
Swing In Gap: 450mm
Centre Height: 150mm
Spindle Bore: 38mm
Spindle Nose Size or Type: D1-4 Camlock
Bed Width: 180mm
Headstock Spindle Taper: 5MT
Tailstock Taper: 3MT
Cross Slide Travel: 170mm
Compound Slide Travel: 75mm
Leadscrew: Imperial
Cross Feed Range (X-Axis): 0.009 - 0.236mm/rev
Longitudinal Feed Range (Z-Axis): 0.04 - 1.2236mm/rev
Metric Thread Steps & Pitch Range: 32 (0.4 - 7mm)
Imperial Thread Steps & TPI Range: 36 (4 - 60tpi)
3 Jaw Chuck Diameter: 160mm
4 Jaw Chuck Diameter: 200mm
Spindle Steps / Speed Range: 18 (65 - 1810rpm)
Motor Power: 1.5kW / 2hp
Voltage: 240V
Weight (nett): 595kg"