CHAMPION 2500VS Centre Lathe 390 x 1250mm Turning Capacity (L255VS)

By Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse

Centre Lathe 390 x 1250mm Turning Capacity
55mm Bore Includes Digital Readout, Variable Spindle Speed & (CSS) Costant Surface Speed System

"Manufactured in Taiwan

- 2 axis digital readout system
- YASKAWA Varispeed high-performance, Low-noise, Inverter drive
- Constant surface speed cutting - Allows for auto acceleration of the spindle when facing or reducing diameters
- Electronic variable speed system 18-2500rpm, with high/low speed selector - low noise emissions below 80dba
- Dual braking system - Mechanical foot brake plus electromagnetic for safety
- Feed shaft fitted with torque limiting safety clutch
- Precision Taiwanese machine, sold for over 20 years
- Adjustable taper roller bearings providing spindle accuracy
- Precision 'V'-beds & headstock gears are all hardened & ground
- Chuck guard with safety micro switch cut out
- Overload protection on drive motor and coolant system
- Universal enclosed gearbox incorporating metric & imperial thread capabilities
- Inching button incorporated on the control panel for convenient spindle speed selection
- Foot operated spindle brake with safety cut out switch
- 270mm wide induction hardened heavy duty cast iron bed
- Removable gap bed allowing work piece to swing up to 610mm
- Powered longitudinal and cross feeds
- Clutch in apron enabling pressure adjustment for feeding in both axis
- Metric calibrated dials with clearly marked graduations
- Coolant system with flexible hose enabling operator to manipulate flow direction
- Oil sight glass for head stock and gearbox
- Lubrication pump on saddle oiling slides
- Change gears for metric and imperial thread cutting

- 230mm 3-jaw chuck with reverse jaws
- 250mm 4-jaw chuck
- Fixed Steady with roller bearings
- Travelling steady with roller bearings
- Chuck guard
- Dead centres
- Thread chasing dial
- Foot brake
- Coolant system
- Rear splash guard
- Spindle reducing bush
- Instruction booklet


Model: 2500vs
Digital Readout System Fitted: Yes
Quick Change Toolpost Fitted: Optional
Leadscrew Covers Fitted: Yes
Coolant System: Yes
Tool Height To Suit: 20mm
Distance Between Centres: 1250mm
Swing Over Bed: 390mm
Swing Over Cross-slide: 240mm
Swing In Gap: 610mm
Centre Height: 190mm
Spindle Bore: 55mm
Spindle Nose Size or Type: D1-6
Bed Width: 270mm
Headstock Spindle Taper: 6MT
Tailstock Taper: 4MT
Cross Slide Travel: 230mm
Compound Slide Travel: 120mm
Leadscrew: Meric
Cross Feed Range (X-Axis): 0.02-0.5mm/rev
Longitudinal Feed Range (Z-Axis): 0.040-1.00mm/rev
Metric Thread Steps & Pitch Range: 39(0.2-14mm)
Imperial Thread Steps & TPI Range: 45(2-72TPI)
3 Jaw Chuck Diameter: 230mm
4 Jaw Chuck Diameter: 250mm
Spindle Steps / Speed Range: Variable (18-2500rpm)
Motor Power: 5.5kW / 7.5HP
Voltage: 415V
Weight (nett): 1500kg"