HF-750 Portable Magnetic Drill - 3MT Ø75mm Drill Capacity Manual Feed (D9507)

By Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse

Portable Magnetic Drill
3MT Ø75mm Drill Capacity Manual Feed

"Manufactured in Taiwan

On-site hole cutting in steel plates, H-Beams shaped bars, framework, ship building, bridge construction and repair, steel reinforcements, and many other metal working and construction jobs.

Hafco offers a full line of robust and versatile magnetic drilling machines built specifically for the hole making needs of various industries. Applications include fabrication, industrial and civil construction, maintenance, ship building and many others.
This large No. 3 morse taper four speed model drill, has the versatility of using either broach cutters or taper shank drills. It is manual feed  and has forward and reverse to make it suitable to be used as a tapping machine.
This model features a purpose-built mag drill motor. This is designed to have the ideal torque characteristics to produce the best performance and durability for heavy-duty industrial use.

NOTE: Shown with optional broach cutter

- 3MT spindle taper
- 19mm shank broach holder & bracket
- 4-speed gearbox
- Full load speeds: 90, 120, 180, 230rpm
- 1800W 240V motor
- Forward/reverse for tapping
- Ø75mm drilling capacity through 50mm plate
- Bronze dovetail slides
- Can be used with 3MT drills up-to 31.5mm
- CE approved

- 3MT spindle taper
- 4 speed gearbox
- Coolant tank kit
- Safety chain
- Blow mould plastic case


Model: HF-750
Feed: Manual
Drilling Capacity Range - Manual: 12-75mm
Maximum Thickness: 50mm
Suits Cutter Shank Size: 19mm
No. of Drilling Speeds: 4
Full Load Drilling Speeds: 90, 120, 180, 230rpm
No Load Drilling Speeds: 150, 200, 300, 380rpm
Magnetic Holding Power: 3263kg/f
Motor Power: 1800W
Motor Voltage: 240V
Weight (Nett): 24.8kg"