ACT 8T Refrigerated Air Dryer 846L/min - (30cfm) (C545)

By Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse

Refrigerated Air Dryer
846L/min - (30cfm)

"High standards ensure reliability and service life, however, a full coverage for 12 months on all products listed gives complete confidence. With over 30 years experience providing reliability and versatility in the compressed air industry, Pilot Air can meet your requirements.

Save money in the long run by keeping moisture out of your tools, and off your finished product.

The presence of moisture in a compressed air system can lead to increase costs due to:
- Increased equipment down time due to pneumatic valves and instruments sticking and malfunctioning
- Increased maintenance of air tools because of moisture effectively washing away the air tool lubrication
- Increased rework.  Poor painting or blasting because of water contamination may mean extra time spent on refinishing

The Right Design:
The new ALU-DRY MODULE standard in all Pilot Air ACT dryers is highly efficient, which means;
- A reduction in energy consumption
- Low pressure drop, even with load variances
- Constant pressure dewpoint regardless of load conditions

The ACT range is RATED and SPECIFIED for AUSTRALIAN CONDITIONS, with flow rates based on an AMBIENT temperature of 35 deg C and an INLET temperature of 42 deg C.

The Right Reliability:
Maintenance and down-time is virtually eliminated with a newly designed 'hot gas' by-pass valve, which prevents formation of ice in the evaporator under any load condition, and the generous sizing of all componentry, including heat exchanger, condensate separator and condenser.  Access to the condenser for cleaning and maintenance is straightforward.

The Right Features:
The ACT range of refrigerated air dryers has a long list of features;
- Rated for Australian conditions - 35 dec C ambient temperature and 42 deg C inlet temperature
- Low pressure drop and constant dewpoint even with variations in load
- All models fitted with a timed automatic condensate drain.  Discharge and pause times are adjustable
- Operation of the dryer is monitored by a digital thermometer in the control panel

Important Information:
- It is important to ensure that when sizing a dryer to suit your compressed air requirements, take into account the pressure and volume of air required, as well as ambient and inlet temperatures. Please contact Pilot Air if you require any assistance
- It is mandatory to install a 5 micron filter on the inlet side of the dryer to prevent rust, scale or other contaminants entering the dryer.

- Available for all size compressors
- Built for Australian conditions
- Ideal for where clean dry air is a must
- Complete with automatic condense drain
- Recommend use with 5 micron Pre-filter


Model: ACT 8T
Flow Rate - L/min - cfm: 846L/min - (30cfm)
Flow Rate - L/sec: 14.1 L/sec
Pressure Drop (bar): 0.04 bar
Connections Ø (in-out): 1/2' BSP-F
A: 345mm
B: 420mm
C: 740mm
D: 158mm
E: 56mm
F: 700mm
G: 770mm
Voltage: 240V
Weight (nett): 31kg"