EB-280DSV Swivel Head-Dual Mitre Metal Cutting Band Saw (B063V)

By Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse

Swivel Head-Dual Mitre Metal Cutting Band Saw
245  x 180mm (W x H) Rectangle Capacity
Electronic Variable Blade Speed 20-90mpm

"Manufactured in Taiwan

- 245 x 180mm rectangular capacity
- Electronic variable blade speed, 240V motor
- Larger cutting capacity than conventional cold saws
- Swivel head double mitre cut to 45º right & left, 60º right
- Quick action lock/release lever for swivel head
- Heavy-duty gear drive system
- Control panel mounted up high for convenient & easy access
- Heavy duty hydraulic down feed cylinder accessible from front of machine for convenient & easy access 
- Ball bearing blade guides ensures minimal blade clearance wear and increases blade life due to less friction
- Blade cleaning brush incorporated into blade guide system
- Quick-action lock/release vice
- Adjustable length stop for repetition cutting
- Unique sliding vice design for dual mitre operation
- Coolant system for cutting efficiency and blade life
- Adjustable hydraulic cylinder for auto feed
- Material support roller for long stock
- User friendly blade tension system with gauge
- Vibration free, low noise operation ensures clean & high precision cuts
- Machine stand with integrated cooling fitted as standard


Model: EB-280DSV
Operation Type: Swivel Head - Dual Mitre
Cutting Head Beam Type: Manual
Cutting Head Beam Return: Manual Return
Cutting Head Down Feed Control: Adjustable Hydraulic
Round @ 90º: 225mm
Round @ 45º: 160mm
Round @ 60º: 100mm
Square @ 90º: 180mm
Square @ 45º: 160mm
Square @ 60º: 100mm
Rectangle (W x H) @ 90º: 245 x 180mm
Rectangle (W x H) @ 45º: 160 x 160mm
Rectangle (W x H) @ 60º: 100 x 100mm
Vice Clamping Fixture: Manual - Quick Action
Coolant System: Yes
Table Working Height: 965mm
Blade Steps / Speeds: Variable 20-90 M/min
Blade Size (L x W x T): 2480 x 27 x 0.9mm
Motor Power: 1.5kW / 2hp
Voltage: 240V
Weight (nett): 315kg"