BS-461AS Semi - Automatic Swivel Head-Dual Mitre Metal Cutting Band Saw (B035A)


Semi - Automatic Swivel Head-Dual Mitre Metal Cutting Band Saw
600 x 440mm (W x H) Rectangle Capacity

"Manufactured in Taiwan

The BS-461AS is a metal cutting dual mitre swivel head, semi-automatic band saw capable of cutting a large 600x 440mm rectangle material and is a great semi-automatic band saw for cutting at 90 degrees. This saw can also cut up to 460mm round material, meaning you get more value for your investment than with any other saw on the market. Quick release lever allows the operator to change the mitre angle in seconds. This gear driven metal cutting band saw we offer has a variable speed, dual mitre cutting head, and a hydraulic controlled descent device for perfect feeds and longer blade life. The vice uses a full stroke hydraulic clamping system and after the cut is complete the blade stops and the head lifts to the start position ready for the next piece to be cut. The Hafco MetalMaster band saws are constructed of a heavy cast iron saw head and base and the blades are guided via a tungsten carbide insert offering rigidity and accuracy. This band saw has a powerful coolant system and a blade tensioning device that shuts down the machine if the blade breaks.

The BS-461AS metal band saw has a hydraulic descent control device for the down feed for larger production runs that increases blade life and reduces operator fatigue. This series of band saw requires 415V, three phase, 50 hertz. The BS-461AS semi automatic horizontal band saw has a dual mitre saw head that can cut from 0º to 60º degrees. This series of horizontal band saws come standard with a variable speed drive allowing the operator to fine tune the blade speed from 26 - 80 M/min. The BS-461AS metal cutting saw series requires a 41mm wide saw blade by 1.3mm thickness, making this series a very precise mitre saw. These band saws offer more cutting capacity in a variable speed mitre saw than any other saw on the market, for the investment representing quality band saws at an exceptional value.

- 600 x 440mm (W x H) rectangular capacity
- Swivel head dual mitre up to 60º left & right for easy angle cutting without moving material
- Semi-automatic operation, machine returns to open height position after finishing the cutting process
- Automatic 2 speed full stroke hydraulic clamping vice
- Hydraulic operated system raising and lowering the cutting beam
- Adjustable hydraulic feed cutting rate for multiple applications
- Blade breakage sensor fitted that automatically shuts machine off
- Built-in coolant system for maximum cutting efficiency
- Variable blade speed system enabling 26-80mpm cutting speeds
- Limit switch stops machine and raises cutting beam when cut is complete
- Swivelling electric control panel mounted on base for quick operation
- Industrial-duty gearbox driven by a 3.75kW / 5hp 415V motor
- Combination roller bearing & carbide blade guides
- Fabricated metal frame with heavy duty base
- Adjustable blade roller guides provides accurate cutting
- Adjustable length stop for repetition cutting
- Motorised wire wheel brush to clean swarf from blade

- Coolant system
- Length stop


Model: BS-461AS
Operation Type: Swivel Head - Dual Mitre
Cutting Head Beam Type: Semi-Automatic
Cutting Head Beam Return: Auto-Hydraulic Return
Cutting Head Down Feed Control: Adjustable Hydraulic
Round @ 90º: 460mm
Round @ 45º: 445mm
Round @ 60º: 295mm
Square @ 90º: 460mm
Square @ 45º: 445mm
Square @ 60º: 295mm
Rectangle (W x H) @ 90º: 600 x 440mm
Rectangle (W x H) @ 45º: 445 x 360mm
Rectangle (W x H) @ 60º: 330 x 230mm
Vice Clamping Fixture: Automatic-Hydraulic
Coolant System: Yes
Table Working Height: 880mm
Blade Steps / Speeds: Variable 26-80 M/min
Blade Size (L x W x T): 5330 x 41 x 1.3mm
Motor Power: 3.75kW / 5hp
Voltage: 415V
Weight (nett): 1560kg"