Stamped Plaques

By Swift Metal Services

Swift Metal Services – Stamped Metal Markers & ID Tags.

Swift Metal Services are introducing, Australian-made Pressed Metal Markers and Identification Tags to Australian Government, Commercial and Industrial sectors. Swift Metal Services, an Australian Manufacturer, who has many years experience in Metal Pressing & Stamping, has responded to enquiries from Councils, Government and General industry, for pressed metal markers and tags, to provide a permanent, secure and vandal proof means, of indentifying; underground & overhead services, surveying points and strategic conduits and associated infrastructure.

Swift Metal Services can press and stamp all types of metal nameplates, ID tags and Markers, including stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminium and copper with an unlimited range of alphabetical/numerical combinations.

The photo illustrates a standard Sewer Marker complete with location pin to provide permanent identification on street concrete kerb, of sewer and water pipes.

Swift Metal Services stamp steel discs from 20mm diameter through to 400mm diameter. Pressed metal plaques are available in any sizes up to 500mm². Swift Metal Services extensive range of, fully-automated and semi-automated, metal pressing and stamping machinery ensure the highest quality and rapid turn-around, metal stamping service in Australia. 

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