By Cut To Size Plastics

Cut To Size Plastics offers customised polymer-based industrial shock absorbers that can typically absorb up to 75% more energy than typical polyurethane types. Wearzorb industrial shock absorbers are particularly useful in high impact applications where severe bounce-back is a concern.


Wearzorb is an industrial shock absorber that helps to increase production and reduce maintenance costs. Wearzorb is fastened by mechanical methods when no backing is used. The heavier the material, the thicker the plate.


Plastic shock absorbers provide a compact, easily installed and easily replaced alternative to more bulky and expensive shock absorber and spring structures in many applications. Wearzorb extends the known benefits of plastics in shock absorption applications by offering not only a polymer structure with outstanding performance compared with traditional polyurethanes, but also a product range that can be custom-engineered to individual applications.