New CX Injection Moulding Machine from Krauss Maffei

By HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies

Krauss Maffei of Munich Germany, have recently unveiled the new CX range of Injection Moulding Machines at the recent Fakuma exhibition that includes optimizations in regards to energy efficiency, productivity and space requirements.


With a clamping force range of 350 to 1600kN, the new CX small series of machines is now considered to be 'top of the class'. After consultation with key customers, Krauss Maffei engineers looked at every component and process function of the machine and undertook an extensive testing protocol before implementing the machine improvements that aligned with their customers’ needs:-


·         10% less energy consumption through optimization of all energy inputs

·         15% improvement in speed achieved through the optimisation of interaction between the new valve technology and hydraulic switching concepts.

·         20% reduction in the oil volume requirements

·         25% increase in efficiency thanks to mould change automation and faster set up times

·         30% reduction in the noise through the use of a new soundproof cover


"All of this results in 100% added value for our customers" said Dr. Golz, President of the Injection Moulding Machinery segment of Krauss Maffei.


Other new features include:

·         Adaptive Process Control system (APC) which immediately compensates for fluctuations in the injection moulding process.

·         Optional bayonet style quick mold clamping system enables particularly short mold set-up times

·         Platen size options allowing up to 40% increase in platen dimensions.

·         Auto and manual tie bar pulling option for processors having high frequency mould changes of oversize moulds

·         Optional Plasticizing unit adaptor allowing for seamless changeover of injection units without changing overall plasticizing unit length.

·         A new  ejector coupling which makes it easier to change molds and capable of compensating for small axis offsets between the mold and ejector

·         New compact integrated servo drive sprue picker combining a telescoping stroke which is one of the most space-saving solutions currently on the market.


Krauss Maffei is represented in Oceania by HBM Plastics Technologies.