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Fri May 24 2019

Roller Solutions

By Ames Direct

As a specialist supplier to industry, Ames Direct is the solution to your roller needs.

Servicing a vast range of industries, with rollers from 6mm to 1m in diameter, you will benefit from our strengths of exceptional customer service, experience in the industry, and commitment to ongoing development of new and innovative procedures and techniques.

When you contact us, you can speak direct to an enthusiastic and interested consultant, and be assured of our dedication to do the best for you, our valued client.

Our ultimate goal is to identify the problem, provide options, then manufacture the solution in the most efficient, qualitycontrolled and cost effective method.

From concept to completion

Right from the initial requirement for rollers to be part of an overall project, we
can provide specifications on available materials, processes and dimensions to assist in the early stages of design.

With the latest in CAD/CAM facilities, our designers can develop your project from concept stage, and even provide full working prototypes for testing.

Whether small or large quantities are required,
Ames will manufacture your custom product efficiently and with a quality approach.