Software: Eco Warrior, Real Time Energy Monitoring Software.

By Fastron Electronics

We can supply any combination of software, hardware and energy meters to End Users, Systems Integrators and OEM's including complete turnkey solutions. This includes a range of options to suit your budget.

  • Easy to use, icon driven software.
  • Networking capability
  • Cost effective data concentrators.
  • Energy sub-meters.
  • Split Core CT's

Do you want to reduce your energy costs?
If so, do you know where energy is being wasted on your premises?

  • Monitors Electricity, Gas, Water and other parameters from pulse or 4-20mA inputs.
  • Provides temperature monitoring facilities.
  • Monitors "virtual" or "calculated" parameters such as real time Power Factor.
  • Shows the cost of energy as it is used in graphical or tabular form with.
  • Compares real-time energy usage against a targeted profile.
  • Calculates and graphically highlights hourly, daily, weekly and annual CO2 emissions.
  • Performs bill checking, cost centre allocation and tenant billing.
  • Enables you to tune your BMS, HVAC or SCADA for lowest running costs.
  • Collects data for automated meter reading locally or remotely

Create an energy awareness in your company

  • Ease of use, together with clear graphic displays, involves management and staff in identifying waste and creates an energy reduction culture throughout the business.
  • Real-time "Cost of Energy" graphs showing costs of energy, as it is used, makes staff aware of real bottom line costs of the entire building or factory, cost centre, production line or machine for which they are responsible. This further stimulates the analysis of energy profiles to reduce waste.
  • Real time monitoring and targeting facility dynamically determines when the targeted energy profile is exceeded in order to control energy consumed providing an effective and ongoing energy management strategy.
  • The energy used by individual machines or complete production lines can be monitored and real time graphs can be provided giving the energy costs per unit output with full cost centre reports.
  • Management and staff will become more aware of their actual energy consumption patterns and associated energy costs leading to practical, energy reduction proposals.
  • Energy reduction objectives can be set and monitored for each section of the business thereby developing and maintaining a minimum energy profile and minimum costs across the whole company.