Scrubber Dryer - Large - FANG 26T

By Viper Cleaning

This powerful, easy to use, battery powered walk behind scrubber dryer features adjustable brush pressure for different cleaning needs. With a three stage vacuum motor and 660mm scrubbing path, the FANG26T is designed for cleaning and drying in tough and dirty areas.

Great vaue for money with an intuitive control panel and highly manoeuvrable, the battey powered FANG 26T is ideal for industrial cleaning, motor vehicle and factory sites.

Think affordable and easy to use - think Viper!


Viper FANG 26T Technical Specifications
Scrubbing Width 660mm
Solution/Recovery Tank 66/75L
Brush/Pad Diameter 330mm
Brush/Pad Pressure 68kg max
Squeegee Width 830mm
Drive System Transaxle 250W
Vacuum Motor (3 stages) 560W
Battery Type 2xT1275 Trojan
Onboard Charger Included