Scrubber Dryer - Medium - AS430B

By Viper Cleaning

This battery powered, walk behind scrubber dryer features integrated solution/recovery tanks to increase capacity. With a two stage vacuum motor and 430mm scrubbing path the AS430B is ideal for cleaning medium traffic areas.

Great value for money and easy to use, the AS430B is great for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, shopping centres and other retail outlets.

Think affordable and easy to use - think Viper !


Technical Specifications - Viper AS430B
Scrubbing Width mm 430
Solution/Recovery Tank  L 40/50
Brush/Pad Diameter mm 430
Brush/Pad Pressure kg max 30
Squeegee Width mm 730
Brush Motor Watts 550/750
Vacuum Motor 2 Stages Watts 400
Brush Speed rpm 150/170
Battery Type   2x12V
Battery Charger   Included