TruEdge 2

By HG Farley LaserLab Co. Pty. Ltd

The TruEdge 2 Plasma Cutting Machine is the standard in industrial heavy duty plasma cutting, delivering extended cutting capabiities with quality consistent cutting which gives you the reliable industrial plasma cutting that can be trusted.

The TruEdge 2 comes with bosch dual side drives and alpha planetary gearboxes that gives you the rigidity  to be able to cut up to 3.2m in width and 20m length, which means you will no longer be restricted on your plates, so you can get jobs from every industry big and small.


The TruEdge 2 machine incorporates the full Hypertherm Suite that includes:

   > Hypertherm Hi-Definition Plasma Source

   > Hypertherm Edge Pro CNC Touch Screen Controller 

   > Hypertherm ArcGlide THC Torch Height Controller

   > Hypertherm Pronest CAM Software

When you combine the full Hypertherm Suite you get extra features:

   > True Hole Cutting Technology

   > Rapid Part Technology

Combing all these parts mean nothing to plasma cutting unless you can produce a machine that can work with the Hypertherm Technology to produce fluid and fast movements and reliablity for consistent accurate cutting.

The Farley TruEdge 2 Difference:

   > Bosch Digital Drives & Motors

   > Alpha Planetary Gearboxes

   > Easy to Operate

   > Consisten Cut Quality

   > Extended Consumable Life

   > Remote Diagnostics

   > Integrated CAM Software

   > Long Life Reliable Motion System


   Cutting Width: up to 3.2m

   Cutting length: up to 20.0m

   Profiling Speed: up to 20m/min

   Traverse Speed: up to 30m/min

   Accuracy: +/- 0.2mm

   Repeatability: +/- 0.1mm

   Material Thickness:  up to 150mm