Tube Pumps

By Global Pumps

Industrial Peristaltic Pumps

The Verderflex Rapide Tube Pumps are a range of industrial pumps with a balanced selection of simple to operate Peristaltic pumps. 


This range offers flow rates from 1L/hr to 1020 L/hr, simple to use, requiring no tools during the tube change and replaces air diaphragm pumps.



  • Capable of aggressive media
  • Compact design
  • Can be used with variable frequency drives
  • One wearing part – the tube
  • Leak free pumping
  • Cost effective
  • Kink free liquid path
  • Food grade

The Rapide Tube Pumps is a range that has been developed to offer a reliable and cost effective pumping solution for industrial applications. These low flow dosing pumps are capable of handling viscous (up to 200 cPs) and chemically aggressive substances with total containment and leak free pumping. They offer pump choices that are compact, very simple to use and require no tools during the tube change. 

As a peristaltic pump, they have no moving parts in the liquid stream and are able to pump dry.

The Rapide ‘S’ pump in the range has an easy-fit tube saddle that is designed for single handed operation, allowing the tube to be loaded quickly and easily from above.  This pump offers flow rates from 0.25 ml/min to 17 l/min and pressure up to 2 bar.


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