Metering Pumps / Dosing Pumps

By Global Pumps

Diaphragm Metering Pumps

Advanced diaphragm metering pumps can be used to accurately and reproducibly provide chemical dosing for a variety of industrial applications, including, pH, ORP and chlorine. Global Pumps stocks a range of chemical dosing pumps to suit commercial needs, all from leading manufacturers within the industry.



  • Variable stroking rates
  • Manufactured from chemically inert materials
  • All inclusive packages readily available
  • Systems containing both pump and control instrumentation available
  • Available with either manual or external electronic control. Analogue and SCADA options offered.


The leading pumps supplier in Australia, Global Pumps only offers innovative and advanced technologies to ensure that they serve you the best capacity.


Diaphragm metering pumps from Global pumps can perform effectively for a long time which means less down time. They can pump acids and chemical liquids. A benefit of chemical dosing pumps is that they have different ways to adjust the flow rate. The flow rate can either be changed by adjusting the stroke length or by the pulses. This gives the users ease while using the machine. The dosing metering pumps also has number of smart functions that allow users to operate them with ease.