Magnetic Drive Pumps

By Global Pumps

Magnetic drive pumps are leak-free centrifugal pumps. Force is transmitted to the drive shaft through a magnetic coupling that uses powerful synchronous magnets. Thus there are no mechanical seals or glands that can fail and leak. Techniflo pumps are engineered of high quality polymers and ceramics to be compatible with corrosive and aggressive fluids. Global pumps stocks over 50 sizes of magnetic drive pumps in Australia, with a size to fit your need, achieving flow rates up to 300 m/hr and pressures up to 20.6 Bar. Mag drive pumps are ideal for use with hazardous, toxic, dangerous or explosive chemicals that need to be entirely contained within the flow system, where the health and safety of workers or environmental protections is a concern. Techniflo’s 20 years of experience in engineering mag drive pumps translates into low total cost of ownership due to low operational costs, reduced downtime and increased production.