E5DC Digital Temperature Controller (22.5 mm Wide, and DIN Track-mounting Type)/Features

By OMRON Electronics

The E5DC Mounts to DIN Track and Is Ideal for Connections to HMIs and PLCs. It provides the Same Easy Operation and Advanced Performance as the Rest of the E5[]C Series.

The new standard in temperature control...

Omron has been an active innovator in temperature control since introducing its first temperature controller in 1967. Now temperature control has taken a giant leap forward with Omron's next generation of controllers - the E5[]C, which set new global standards in the crucial areas of precision, user friendliness and control performance. The E5[]C series will save you time and effort in set-up and operation, while enabling faster and more accurate monitoring/control of your process. The high-visibility display of the new series is also extremely easy to read and virtually eliminates any possibility for human error.

Key features


  • High-contrast, white LCD display visible from large distances and from any angle
  • Easy to set up, and operate intuitively via CX-Thermo without power supply
  • 50 ms sampling period for fast and precise regulation
  • Functions for diagnosis for secure operations *
  • Useful timer and logic operation functions eliminating the need of a PLC

* Alarm for loop break or PV change rate, heater burnout or sensor burnout detection higher in every respect

Clearer LCD display

The large, high-contrast, white LCD display contributes to the exceptional clarity and therefore readability of the E5[]C series. The display can be read unambiguously from greater distances and from much wider viewing angles than normal.

Easy set-up and operation

Coupled with the autotuning algorithms, which greatly reduce set-up and commissioning time, Omron’s CX-Thermo support software has been specially developed for use with the E5[]C series. This enables faster parameter set-up, easier device adjustment and simpler maintenance.

Unique performance

Although intrinsic high sampling speed and high precision are built into the E5[]C series, Omron's 2-PID control is a key factor behind the advantage it offers over standard controllers. Using a powerful algorithm, it makes all the difference to control stability and thus the quality of your products.

The New E5DC with DIN-Track Mounting Capability Joins the E5[]C Series, Next-generation Temperature Controllers.
The E5DC Inherits the Features of the E5[]C Series.


  • Provides the unified design, operability, and functions of the E5[]C Series.
  • Setup Tool Port on the front panel.
  • Width of 22.5 mm and mounts to DIN Track.
  • On-panel mounting is also possible. (Mounting Adapter required; sold separately.)



Removable Terminal Block for Easy Mounting and Replacement.


Removing from the Terminal Block The image is for illustration purpose only. 
* Hooks must be pressed to remove from the terminal block.

You can make the following settings with the front-panel display and keys on the E5DC to reduce the workload:Even Though the E5DC Mounts to DIN Track, the Same Displays and Same Settings as the Rest of the E5[]C Series Make It Just as Easy to Use

  • Settings during machine commissioning
  • Easy confirmation of display:settings/process temperature when designing or evaluationg machines
  • Confirmation of settings when troubleshooting


Contributes to Machine Downsizing

The E5DC is only 22.5 mm wide and enables to install multi channel controls in limited space.


The E5DC has a short body of only 85 mm in depth for easy mounting in control panels with 120-mm depths.