CJ2M-CPU3[] / CPU1[] / MD21[] SYSMAC CJ-series CJ2M CPU Units, Pulse I/O Modules/Features

By OMRON Electronics

Since 2001, CJ1M-series PLCs are in control of a wide variety of applications worldwide. The accumulated experience and advancements in technology now result in CJ2M; fully compatible, yet fully new.

Five variations in program capacity from 5K steps to 60K steps; scale the CPU to your application needs.

Faster processors; LD instruction execution time is reduced to 40 ns, floating point trigonometrics in less than 1 μs.

Optional Pulse I/O Modules can be mounted to enable positioning functions for up to four axes. The module provides high-speed counters, interrupt inputs and pulse train/PWM outputs. (CJ2M CPU Units with Unit Version 2.0 or Later)

Faster Function Block calls and execution, faster interrupt handling, less overhead time.

Added execution memory for Function Blocks allows structured, object-oriented programming even in entry-level CPUs.

General-purpose Ethernet port supports EtherNet/IP tag-based data links, connection to Support Software, communications between PLCs, FTP data transfers, and more (CJ2M-CPU3[]).

Standard USB port on all models allows Support Software to connect directly through standard USB cable.

A Serial Option Module can be mounted to add RS-232C or RS-422A/485 communications ports (CJ2M-CPU3[]).

Compatible with all existing CJ1 power supply-, I/O-, control- and communication units.