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Thu Jan 17 2019

DAS motor series


The DAS motors series is designed for installation in challenging environments, including hygienic areas where atmospheric contamination must be kept to a minimum.

- Three motor sizes DAS 80, DAS 90 and DAS100.
- Motor Power 0.25-1.5kW in S1, up to 3kW in S3/25%
- Smooth “fin-less” surface minimises debris built up
-Convection cooling, “fan-less”, eliminates air swirls reducing potential for bacteria spread
- Degree of protection IP66, brakemotors IP65
- Motor protection TF Thermistor in thermal class F
- Motor Internal corrosion protection
- Electrical connection via integrated IS connector optimising maintenance and service efforts
- DAS motor is designed for direct mounting on to standard R, F, K, S and W gear series.