Kardex Shuttle XP-250


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Used KARDEX Shuttle XP 250


KARDEX : Optimised and flexible High density storage


KARDEX Shuttle® XP is an Automated high-lift/stacker storage system modular in construction, which works on the principle of “goods to person”.


Maximum height can be used on a Minimum floor area.


Increases storage area

Increases productivity

Allows high speed for high order picking


KARDEX automated warehouse system
Model no. : SHUTTLE-XP-​250​-2850x864
Year of construction : 2005

Drive system : High Speed Drive


Technical details :
● Maximum total capacity of the KARDEX Shuttle XP : 2 x 33350 kg
● Maximum tray capacity : 60 tray’s appx. MEDIUM , 220 kg each
More tray's can be ordered.
● Tray dimensions : 2850 x 864 mm
● Machine dimensions : Wide x Depth x Height : 3180 x 3074 x 6750 mm
The depth of the machine of 3074 mm is excl. operator console
● Footprint of the system : 9.77 m2
● Capacity with 60 trays : 147.72 m2 , every tray is appx. : 2,462 m2
● Electronic volume measuring system in 25 mm screen (grid)
● An access opening with sliding doors to protect people and stored goods
● Control C2000 with graphic display OP-C2000 B/W
● Anti-dazzle lighting above access point
● Personal Key-code possibility
● Containers locking / security
● Use of toothed-belt for minimum noise
● Use of toothed-belt for fastest order picking
● The working positions can be adjusted individually depending on the body size
● Distances can be realised in steps of 25mm by arranging the support profile.
a prerequisite for high compression storage
● Weight management controls the weight of the tray/Shuttle
● Weight management controls the speed regulation
● Position indicator lamps for indication of the product position


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