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Thu Jun 20 2019

Safetech Develop New Container Loading System

By Safetech Pty Ltd
  • Safetech Develop New Container Loading System

Fully load a container in twenty minutes.

Safetech has developed a new automated container loading system in conjunction with CLS who are the suppliers of the proprietary SLCtm Seafreight loading chassis.

The challenge for Safetech was to provide a system that could elevate a 20 tonne load and then push it into a waiting container. To add to the complexity of the task it was also essential that the scissors lift and pusher be able to traverse a 20 M pit.

The task initially involved designing a 20 tonne scissors lift with a 9 M long platform. This scissors lift was then placed in a 20 m pit.

At one end of the pit the scissors lift is loaded with a full container load carried on an SLC. The entire load and lift table then traverse the pit to the other end where an empty container waits.

The pusher frame on top of the scissors lift then pushes the SLCtm with its load on to the waiting container. More than 24 tonnes of force is needed to move the load into the container yet this is all accomplished safely, simply and efficiently by the Safetech CL system.

The end result is that an operation that took between 2 -3 hours and required forklifts and several staff can now be completed in around 20 minutes or less with no risk of injury to operators, no need to tie up fork lifts and a securely packed container. All of this is only possible with the combination of the SLCtm and the Safetech Traversing scissor lift and container pusher.

Appropriate applications include any products that are freighted by SLCstm, particularly where there is a high volume of containers or a need to load containers quickly and safely.

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