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Tue Oct 16 2018


By Treotham Automation

Treotham Automation offers E4.1 energy that is extra heavy duty and fits almost all applications. The energy chain offers optimum lateral stability, a simple installation and a quiet operation. It is typically used for cranes, composting plants, sewage plants, machine tools, general mechanical engineering, material handling technology, refrigeration engineering, construction machinery, woodworking and robotics and handling systems.

Features include:

  • 15% more strength then the rest of the E4 series
  • Noise dampening rubber pads ensure quiet operation
  • High push/pull force on long travels
  • Ideal for side-mounted applications
  • Large unsupported lengths due to stable, double stop dog system and vertical radial stops
  • Inner heights from 21-350mm, inner widths from 30-800mm
  • Dirt and wear resistant

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