By Treotham Automation

Treotham Automation offers a range of E2/000 Energy Chain (power chain) that has an easy and versatile installation, high stability, long service life and a low noise operation. The chain is available as a standard energy chain, fully enclosed energy tube or half e-chain/half e-tube and has many different mounting options. It is typically used in construction machinery, woodworking machines, material handling, glass machines, plastic machines, long travel applications, theatre and entertainment industries, amusement parks, vehicles and general machinery.

Features include:

  • Double stop dog for long unsupported length
  • Rapid opening
  • Cross bars have high locking range
  • Integrated strain relief possible
  • Modular interior

The range includes:

E2/000 Series 2400-2450-2480-2500

  • The standard for system E2
  • Series 2400 and 2450 snap open along inner radius
  • Series 2450 half e-tube snap open along inner radius from right or left
  • Fully enclosed e-tube series 2480 snap open along inner radius
  • Do not use if maximum stability is required

E/000 Series 2600-2650-2680-2700

  • Fully harnessed energy chains (Ready chain: basic, standard and premium)
  • Half e-tube series 2650
  • Series 2600 and 2650 snap open along inner radius
  • Fully enclosed e-tube series 2680
  • Do not use if maximum stability is required, application is simple or e-tubes with small bending radii

E2/000 Series 3400-3450-3480-3500

  • Chainfix strain relief elements
  • Half e-tube series 3450
  • Mounting bracket series 3400 and 3450
  • Fully enclosed e-tube series 3480
  • Do not use if the application is very simple

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