Two Person Aerial / Elevated Work Platform


The Two Person Aerial Work Platform is an ideal portable device that can be used for many applications where access to height is required.

The platform is perfect for replacing light bulbs on high ceilings, for cleaning or painting hard to reach walls and ceilings, and for installations of signage, posters etc.

The platform has four wheels, two fixed and two connected to a pull-along handle, which enables it to be easily positioned manually by the operator.

When ready for moving (when the stabilizer bars are retracted), the width of the unit allows easy transport through narrow doorways and tight access areas.

The work platform is safely raised and lowered using hydraulics, powered by a 12 volt DC battery, which is able to be charged (using the on-board charger) by any standard AC 220-250V 50Hz power outlet.

Features of Two Person Aerial Work Platform Include:

  • Main masts made from light-weight, but strong, aluminium alloy
  • Stabiliser bars which retract back into the body of the platform to aid manoeuvrability
  • Safety lock-out sensors on each stabiliser bar to prevent raising and lowering unless fully extended
  • Compliant with Australian Standards AS2550.1, AS2550.10 & AS1418.10
  • On-board battery charger

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