Scissor Lift Tables / Scissor Hoists

By Safetech Pty Ltd
  • Scissor Lift Tables / Scissor Hoists

Smartlift Scissor Lift Tables and Scissor Hoists combine an extensive range of capacities, features and options to provide the factory and warehouse with lifting and work positioning.

The Safetech scissor lift / scissor table range is designed for durability and includes a large range of safety features that are exclusive to Safetech scissor lift tables.

How do Scissor Tables work?

Scissor Lift Tables incorporate a scissor mechanism to hold the platform level but allow it to move vertically.

A hydraulic power unit incorporating electric motor and hydraulic pump supply oil to hydraulic cylinder(s) to elevate the platform.

Most Lift Tables utilise a single acting hydraulic system. This means that the Lift Table raises by oil supplied to the cylinder(s) under pressure from the pump and descends under its own weight when the down valve is opened, allowing oil to be bled back to the tank. This is sometimes known as a power up gravity down system. It also means that lift tables are subject to a slow downward drift over time as oil bleeds back to the tank.