Safety Access & Order Picker Platforms

By Materials Handling Pty Ltd
  • Safety Access & Order Picker Platforms

Navigator - The original, totally stable mobile platform for working safely at height.

  • No springs - eliminates skating and improves stability
  • Lift and Steer Control - delivers fast relocation and enables use as a platform trolley
  • Four Swivel Castors - allows multi directional movement and confined space navigation
  • Adjustable Safety Rails - provides a safe working area for all applications
  • Industrial Standard - complies with authority requirements
  • Optional safety Auto Gate (see video)

Navigator features an ergonomically designed control handle to raise the platform to the mobile position and provide easy manoeuvrability for repositioning. Releasing the control handle automatically returns the unit to the safety default position where all 4 feet are in contact with the floor ensuring that the platform is completely stable. Weight shift as the operator moves about the platform has no effect on stability. With the control handle actuated, the operator is set back from the platform, allowing a normal walking gait. Navigators move easily to the pick position and the directional locking feature of the rear castors ensures straight line tracking under load. Models are available with platform heights from a 4 step 1100mm to a 14 step 4015mm. Navigators are also available with either manual or battery electric lift table for effortless & safe product retrieval.

A new option that should be seriously considered for this platform is the safety Auto Gate. It really ensures personnel are working safely at height. Have a look at the video.