Lift Pod


The Liftpod is the practical, superior alternative to a ladder. It is lightweight and mobile enough to be transported by one person on the back of a typical utility vehicle. The ease of portability is a result of the innovative and lightweight design, combining a high strength steel base with a light weight aluminium mast and platform. The Liftpod is powered using a compact power pack, which can elevate and descend 20 times for a typical person on a single charge. The Liftpod also comes with a spare battery and fast charger, so you can work continuously.

  • A secure, comfortable work platform which allows you to work with two hands confidently
  • Work tray to carry tools and materials, increasing productivity and quality of work
  • One person operation
  • Easily portable between sites on a vehicle
  • Easily portable around the work site on wheels
  • Assembles in around 30 seconds
  • Low maintenance
  • Light weight
  • Aircraft quality aluminium mast
  • Low height, convenient platform entry
  • Single hand interlocked control
  • Variable speed elevation and descent
  • Levelling front to back up to 2 degrees
  • Automatic fast battery charger
  • 4 AH maintenance-free battery
  • Spare battery
  • The Liftpod disassembles into 5 easy to move parts