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6m Telescopic Handler

By Instant Access

Telescopic Material Handlers, sometimes called 'rough terrain' material handlers, are an extremely versatile work horse. Employing a traditional rough terrain fork lift feature, combined with telescopic outreach capability.

Typical features in addition to the ability to fit fork tines, 4 in 1 buckets, crane jibs, are 4WD, 2 wheel steer, 4 wheel steer & crab steer, 'chassis or frame levelling' is also employed on many models.

They have many applications in construction, industrial & rural environments. They are often used on sites where the many attachments that can be utilized on this equipment are frequently required i.e. elevation of materials to multi storey level, brick / block handling, excavation, earthworks, loading/unloading trucks, demolitions & site clearing, fencing, roofing, road works & service works.

*All measurements shown are approximate only. Please contact us for a complete details on these products.


Maximum Lift Capacity: 2,500kg (5,511 lbs)
Maximum Lifting Height: 5.75m(18 ft 10 in)
Maximum Forward Reach: 3.43m(11 ft)
Weight: 4,450kg (9,810 lbs)
Lifting height (max): 5.75 m
Lifting capacity (max): 2,500 kg
Lift capacity at max height: 1,250 kg
Lift capacity at max reach: 800 kg
Forward reach (max): 3.44 m
Reach at maximum height: 0.45 m
Height: 1.92 m
Height at steering wheel: 1.23 m
Width: 1.80 m
Inside cab width: 0.86 m
Track: 1.50 m
Wheelbase: 2.28 m
Length at front wheels: 3.31 m
Length at fork-holder plate: 3.72 m
Ground clearance: 0.36 m
Obstruction angle: 90°
Departure angle: 60°