50ft Rough Terrain Scissors

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A very popular class of Scissor Lift is the Rough Terrain or 'RT' class. Typical features of 'RT' scissor lifts are increased power, (provided by internal combustion engine, variations can be diesel, petrol, gas, or combinations of these). This is required to cope with increased wights & steeper grades of 18 degrees to 22 degrees that are generally associated with this class of scissor lift. Also utilized are high flotation & 'lugged' tyres, an even axle weight distribution, 4WD, increased ground clearance, & in many instances, an 'oscillating axle' to help keep all four wheels on the ground when travelling over rough terrain. Increased robustness & higher payloads are often typical characteristics of the 'RT' class Scissor Lift. However generally speaking, the higher a Scissor Lift can elevate, the less payload it will be capable of lifting.

*All measurements shown are approximate only. Please contact us for a complete details on these products.

Working Height: 56ft 9.89 m
Platform Height: 50 ft 7.89 m
Safe Working Load: 2,000 lbs 907 kg
Maximum width of base: 7'6" 2.29 m
Guardrail height: 43.5" 1.10 m
Platform size: 11"x168" 1.8 x 4.27 m
Gradeability: 4 wheel 45%

Turning Circle
outer 4 wheel: 5.68 m
inner 4 wheel: 2.98 m
Overall weight: 15300 lbs 6940 kg