125ft Straight Stick Boom Lifts

By Instant Access

'Straight Stick' Booms are available in varied sizes and heights. They can be electric or engine powered, 2WD or 4 WD, & therefore allows choice from units designed for 'flat slab' use or where 'rough terrain' features are required. A key feature of Straight Stick Booms is their height / reach capability. Most manufactures will offer their highest reach models in the straight stick telescopic boom class. The compromise is usually payload & platform sizes. Generally 227kg will be the maximum payload & platform sizes are nearly always designed for 2 people with a modest compliment of work materials. The boom / turret rotation of this class can usually rotate 360 degrees continuous or non-continuous. Additional features of this class may include 'fly jibs' for additional maneuvering & positioning including rotating cages or work baskets. 

*All measurements shown are approximate only. Please contact us for a complete details on these products.


Working Height: 132' 40.23 m
Platform Height: 126' 38.4 m
Safe Working Load: 500 lbs 227 kg
Size: 2'6" x 7'8" 0.76 x 2.34 m
Horizontal Reach: 63' 19.2 m
Turntable Rotation: 360° continuous

Maximum Drive Speeds
High (Booms Stowed Only): 3 mph 4.83 kph
Middle (Booms Stowed Only): 1.5 mph 2.42 kph
Low (Below Mid Elevation): 0.75 mph 1.21 kph
Creep (Beyond Mid Elevation): 10 fpm 3 mpm
Gradeability: 25%

Turning Radius
(Inside x/axle extended): 20' 6.1m
Height (Stowed): 10'4" 3.1 m
Width (Stowed): 8'6" 2.6 m
Width (Axle Extended): 12'10" 3.9 m
Stowed Length: 42'8" 13 m
Wheel Base: 12' 3.66 m
Weight (Approx.): 41840 lbs 18978 kg
Basket Rotation: 180°