MCM-204 Standalone Ethernet DAQ with 4-ch AI, 24-bit, 128KS/s, 4-ch DI/O performance


ADLINK’s MCM-204 ultra-compact edge DAQ based on ARM Cortex-A9 processors and featuring built-in four-channel, 24-bit high-resolution analog input, can function as a standalone device without host PC and is ideally suited for data acquisition and vibration measurement applications requiring 24-hour vibration monitoring for rotating machinery and equipment. The MCM-204 delivers high precision static and dynamic measurement performance. The 24-bit Sigma-Delta ADC supports anti-aliasing filtering, suppressing modulation and signal out of-band noise, and providing usable signal bandwidth at the Nyquist rate, making it ideal for high dynamic range signal measurement in machine condition monitoring applications. Through Gb Ethernet communication, data can be transmitted to the central site quickly. Dual Ethernet ports enable daisy-chain connections that reduce the cost of network equipment, and extend the communication distance.

• Standalone Ethernet DAQ enabling edge computing
• RESTful API reports machine condition to IT system
• Supports C/C++ API for streaming data
• Built-in web console for easy configuration and use as portable DAQ
• Supports custom algorithms to filter data at the edge
• Supports IEPE 4mA excitation current output on each analog input to drive accelerometer
• Two 1Gb Ethernet port for cascade
• Supports TCP socket (client mode) to transmit data actively.