Cost-Effective Data Acquisition System Validyne HD310

By Bestech Australia
  • Cost-Effective Data Acquisition System Validyne HD310

The Validyne HD310 Data Acquisition System from Bestech Australia enables a high a speed monitoring of multi-channel nuclear power plant systems.

The model’s flexibility allows means the device can be modified or expanded to the changing requirements of the user’s needs.

The core function of the HD310data acquisition system is to provide high speed data during the operating parameters of a nuclear power plant, providing a maximal isolation from critical electrical operating circuits.

The HD310 is capable of processing 4096 channels of analogue data, and converting it to digital data. The device is then able to transmit the converted digital data through fibre optic or twisted pair cables to a master receiver. The master receiver interacts with a computer to store and utilise the processed data. All device channels can be fed simultaneously to a PCM tape recorder for bulk storage.

The basic system can process anywhere from 32 to 512 channels of analogue data, from 1 – 16 remote multiplexers, but the amount of channels can be increased from 512 to 4096 with a submultiplexer.

The HD310 Data Acquisition System ordering from Bestech has an integrated signal conditioner for sensors that accepts strain gauges, VR sensors and DC volts. The device has a standard ±10 VDC analogue output as well supporting an analogue to digital convertor. The device is compatible with both fibre optic and serial data streams.

The design of the HD310 Data Acquisition System makes the device expandable meaning it is never too small or large for the present requirements of the user.