OPA855 Decompensated Transimpedance Amplifiers

By Mouser Electronics

Texas Instruments OPA855 Decompensated Transimpedance Amplifiers provide a wideband and low-noise with bipolar inputs ideal for wideband transimpedance and voltage amplifier applications. The OPA855 can be configured as a transimpedance amplifier (TIA). When used as a TIA, the 8GHz gain bandwidth product (GBWP) enables high closed-loop bandwidths at transimpedance gains of up to tens of kΩs.

The device operates in optical time-of-flight (ToF) systems where the OPA855 is used with time-to-digital converters. The TDC7201, a Time-to-Digital Converter is such a device. The OPA855 can drive a high-speed analog-to-digital converter (ADC) in high-resolution LIDAR systems when using a differential output amplifier like the THS4541 or LMH5401

Texas Instruments OPA855