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The Alpha X Series:

The World's Finest CNC Combination Lathes

The Alpha X Series - offer the widest variety of control levels from manual through to full l5O on the one machine. tailored to optimize the skills of the machine operator the Alpha X Series offers a large machine envelope for the efficient production of a wide variety of components in small to medium size batches.

Our aim is to provide the world's manufacturing industries with precision metal cutting lathes of the highest quality at affordable prices.

Alpha XT: This four machine range is perfect for producing high quality, detailed and intricate one offs and small to medium sized batches. It comes with the latest Fanuc 0i Mate-TC control which coupled with the Turnmate i conversational programming package gives you super quick drawing to component times.This machine also gives operators the option of manual or automatic turning which means that the Alpha XT is the most capable machine in its class.

Alpha XS Series: the alpha XS series offers a choice of six advanced technical lathes. The new generation Fanuc 21i TB controls with coiour touch screen and bespoke software systems givens you full CNC capability. They are ideal for turning small-medium sized batches with fast, high quality repeatability, excellent accuracy and surface finish and, most importantly of all, lower component production costs.

Alpha 1550XM: Extremely versatile, this machine provides all the features of the Alpha XS with the additional capacity for high precision full C - axis milling as well as turning This milling option makes it a highly versatile and cost effective machine for a wide range of advanced machining applications.

Alpha XR Series: This is a four machine range featuring the latest Siemens Sinumerik 802D SL control which is ideal for first time CNC users and for producing medium to short production runs.

High Precision Turning Applications
The superb new Alpha X Series from Colchester-Harrison offers a choice of fifteen advanced technology CNC Combination Lathes to suit all types of high-precision turning applications. All phone X Series lathes are perfectly suited to producing detailed and intricate one-offs to the highest standard of finish and accuracy. With their advanced Fanuc control and software systems, they are ideal for turning small-to large sized batches with fast, high quality repeatability, excellent accuracy and surface finish and, most importantly of all, lower component production costs. Alpha quality, plus a wide range of training options, has made Alpha lathes the favourite choice for colleges and training centres around the world. ldeal training features include compatibility with industry standard ISO programs and Colchester-Harrison's AlphaLink software which enables multi-desk training to be given.

No other lathes on the market today, including full CNC machines, can compete with Colchester-Harrison's Alpha X Series for cost and speed of production when it comes to 'one-offs' and small-batch turned parts.

Machine Bed
Colchester-Harrison's cutting edge lathe design and construction quality begins with the machine bed. Alpha beds use high performance cast iron, with a unique 'Warren' type construction for maximum strength and optimum swarf clearance.
In addition, all Alpha lathe beds are mounted on cast iron plinths to neutralise stress in the machine bed and slideways are hardened and specially ground to ensure high-precision, parallel operation of the lathe at all times.

Operators Console
The operator's console is located, for optimum operator convenience and efficiency, directly in line-of-sight with the cutting tool. The hand wheels are installed at the ideal ergonomic height for ease of use and have the Alpha's popular "one<lick-one-micron" rotational feel sensitivity. The complete operator's control panel moves on its own independent carriage which allows it to be moved quickly and effortlessly aside during loading and setting up

Alpha XT Range - Fanuc Oi Mate - TC
All Alpha XT lathes are fitted with the latest Fanuc control available on the market today. The Fanuc 0i Mate TC control gives you the option of manual or automatic operation and includes over 200 standard features including Custom Macro B, Rigid Tapping and 256K Part Program Memory. This control will immediately increase your productivity and will continue to do so year after year.
In manual mode it employs Fanuc's latest version of Manual Programming Turn Mate i which is acclaimed to be the simplest and most user friendly teach lathe control in the world.
In automatic mode we use Fanuc's powerful CNC interface for the simple generation and execution of ISO programs.
The combination of these two systems on one machine means that the Alpha XT is the most capable lathe available in its class.

Alpha Link CAD/CAM For The Alpha X Range
All Alpha lathes are supplied with free Alphalink CAD CAM software which is a fully Windows compatible system (previously only available as an extra charge option) which is primarily intended to increase the flexibility of the lathe. AlphaLink provides a simple yet powerful CAD/CAM system for off-line programming, G code outputting and mass storage back up of programmes for all our models. The software can also be installed onto your own computer for use in the office or home or link directly to the machine.

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