PC Auto Blade Fuse Holder

By NPA Pty Ltd

2-IN-1 Auto Blade Fuse Holders

A new, high reliability and compact PC Auto Blade Fuse Holder, uniquely designed to accept standard and low profile "mini-size fuses" and hold them in place after multiple insertions, is now being offered by Keystone Electronics Corp.

Thru-hole mountable to assure secure positioning during wave soldering, the new holder also features fully insulated clips to protect fuses and reduce assembly time. Insulators are made of UL 94 V-O Nylon while 0.016 tin-nickel-plated Brass is used for contacts to withstand shock and vibration. Voltage rating is 500 VAC and 20 Amps current.

A universal thru-hole clip (Part # 3557), which accommodates both standard and "mini" auto blade fuses, is available along with the vertical style (part # 3557-2) holder. Bulk quantities are offered with delivery through the company's global distribution network.

A major manufacturer of interconnect components and electronic hardware, Keystone's capabilities include stamping, machining and assembly services. Application engineering assistance for product modifications and special designs are also available. ISO-9001-2000 certified and RoHS compliant, company headquarters are in the USA with offices in Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia.

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