Algodue UEC40 and UEM40 Power Meter


40A single phase 2 wire energy meter


1 DIN module energy meter for the energy measurement in industrial and civilian application, with the possibility to have a built-in
communication, according to the model: RS485 Modbus RTU or M-Bus. Available with MID certification suitable for billing.
Besides the energy, the meter can measure the main electrical parameters and makes them available on the display and on the
built-in COM port if available. The COM port allows to manage the connected meter by a remote station and data is transmitted on
a RS485 or M-Bus line according to the device model. Moreover, a dedicated application for remote management is provided:

• Modbus Master software > for energy meter management by PC in RS485 Modbus network.
• M-Bus Master software > for energy meter management by PC in M-Bus network.

The meter is built according to EN 50470-1 standard. The active energy is compliant to IEC/EN 62053-21 class 1, but for MID
certified device it moreover fulfills class B requirements according to EN 50470-3. The accuracy of the reactive energy is compliant
to IEC/EN 62053-23 class 2.
Backlighted LCD display with clear graphic symbols comprehensible at a glance. Metrological LED on front panel and sealable
terminal covers. The analysis of the MTBF values, the accurate selection of components and the reduction of the internal working
temperatures together with strict production and control standards guarantee a product with an excellent quality and a long
lasting reliability.