Qeed Single Phase Power Meter

Electrical Meters & Instrumentation

The QI-POWER-485 is a Single-phase Power meter able to measure the RMS AC or DC Current and Voltage up to 800V AC or 1000V DC.
On the RS485 Modbus are available: Irms, Vrms, Watt, Var, Va, Vpk, Ipk, Frequency, Cosφ, Energy bidirectional and THD.


Applications for this product

Photo Voltaic measurement of string current and voltage
AC Inverters measure up to 400HZ
Bi-directional power measurement 

Features of this product

Made in Italy
DIN Rail mount, vertical or horizontal
Measure up to 400HZ
50A and 300A versions

Why Choose This Product

Easy to install
Cost effective
Multiple functions

Specifications of this product

Up to 800V AC or 1000V DC
50A or 300A
Modbus RTU interface

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