QE-Power-T | 3 Phase Power Meter for CT's or Rogowski Coils

By Autech Control Group

17.5mm wide energy meter with inputs from CT's, 1A, 5A, 333mv and Rogowski coils, software selected with Modbus RTU and DO.
3 model options provide basic measurement through to measuring Harmonics to the 63rd, Voltage interruption, SAG, SWELL etc

Applications for this product

Power quality monitoring
General power measurement
Solar system monitoring

Features of this product

Multiple inputs from CT's, 1A, 5A, 333mv and Rogowski coils
17.5mm width
Modbus RTU and digital output

Why Choose This Product

Ease of installation
Flexible configuration
Cost effective

Specifications of this product

Accuracy ±0,5% RDG
Neutral current measurement
AC/DC Power Supply