By Treotham Automation

Treotham Automation offers a range of ELGO measuring systems for a variety of different industries. They have large clear displays, as well as a simple installation and operation. The range includes either battery powered indicators for a cable free installation or power supplied position indicators for systems that are always on.

The range includes:

Incremental linear encoders

  • Scan the north and south poles on the magnetic tape producing a single sine/cosine wave
  • Resistant to dirt, dust and humidity
  • For a complete measuring solution, they can be matched with ELGO position indicators and controllers
  • Processes information into square output signals

Absolute measuring systems

  • Supplies the correct absolute value instantly when the power is turned on
  • When the carriage is manually removed when off, the position stays at the same point
  • Needs a serial based output interface (real values) to transfer the position

Rotative measuring systems

  • Include both systems based on magnetic rings and optical encoders
  • Consist of a bipolar round magnet that rotates in front of the sensor
  • Available with measurement at the front of the shaft, contact-free measurement of the circumference of a magnetic scale and mechanically coupled measurement at shaft

Magnetic tape and guides

  • Contain necessary digital information for a linear length measuring as incremental or absolute coding
  • Consist of magnetized highly flexible tape, a magnetic conductive and flexible stainless steel tape, and a magnetic permeable cover band to protect it
  • Guide rails (FS) are made of aluminium and are available for 10mm and 20mm tape
  • Cover tape profiles (AP) are available as an alternative for the cover band
  • Guide carriages are made of a self-lubricated material and are used as an addition to FS guide rails

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