Current/Voltage Calibrators

By Bestech Australia
  • Current/Voltage Calibrators
  • Current/Voltage Calibrators

Portable and handheld calibration devices for Voltage and Current are used in various process technology and control engineering applications.

For measuring or sourcing, Current/Voltage calibrators can bring measured values as close as possible to the true value, and provides a precision source for current and voltage measurements.

With the calibrators, voltage and current can be generated or measured to compensate the systematic errors of any control devices (e.g. pressure transmitter), as well as compensate the measured temperature by eliminating the cold conjunction errors (e.g. thermocouples).

A high precision calibration unit for voltage, current and thermocouple combines high accuracy, low drift, low noise, and superior long-term stability with multiple functionality and simple operation.

The DIGISTANT® 4411 universal precision handheld calibrator can be used as a general purpose current and voltage source which is ideal for testing and calibrating all measuring instruments and control devices within its range of capacity (Voltage: 10µV – 30V, Current: 1µA – 24mA ).

Special attention paid to the needs of control engineering, it is easy to operate and suitable for test engineers, R&D, service and calibration technicians.

Model 4411 from burster is used to, for example, simulate a transducer generates and measures voltage up to 30VDC and currents up to 24mA and is capable as a small manageable checking and calibration device for process technology in field. The portable calibration device has a wide range of applications in the metrology including:

  • calibration of pointer, indication instrument and recorders
  • simulation of thermocouples
  • plotting of components characteristics and checking of amplifiers, transducers, etc.

The function SINK can simulate a 2 wire transducer in a current loop.

The output level can be changed between 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20 mA signals by one touch for the “4-20 mA” output, and between 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 V DC signals for the “1-5 V” output, for efficient calibration work. While the “ramp function” increases and decreases the output level to the present level at a constant rate for the selected sweep time (16 or 32 seconds).

DIGISTANT® model 4462 can be used either as a standalone table-top device, or in automatic, computer assisted manufacturing and testing systems. Its applications include:

  • calibration of current and DC voltage meters
  • testing of thermocouples
  • calibration of controllers, sensors, detectors, and other devices used in process control
  • integrated ramp function for open-loop process control

Burster DIGISTANT® 4462 is possible to set currents from ± 200 nA to ± 52 mA, voltages of ±1μV to ± 30 V and, optionally temperature set point values of 14 thermocouple types.

Thermovoltage sourcing can be entered by °C, °F and K, the temperature scales ITS 90 or IPTS 68. Furthermore, when sourcing thermocouples a calibrated external comparison point can be used, whereby the data for calibration in the device can be taken into consideration. The device can be operated both via the keyboard as well as the interface.

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