Rotating electrical connectors

By Cavotec
  • Rotating electrical connectors

To meet the ever increasing use of electronics and computer controls and the necessity for always improving slipring technology, the Cavotec Group decided to select specialised manufacturing companies, Mercotac Inc. based in the USA and Elet.Ca SpA based in Italy as Group suppliers.

By utilizing the latest technology available, together with time-tested quality control measures, the Cavotec Group, together with its selected partners, guarantees the highest quality and reliable connectors.

Designed and manufactured by Mercotac Inc, USA, these unique rotating electrical connectors are ideal for transmitting signal and control circuits in applications where high revolutions per minute, low (electrical) noise and low resistance prohibit the use of conventional sliprings. Mercotac connectors have a durable, compact and maintenance free ball bearing construction and can withstand operating temperatures of up to 60 degrees Celcius.

These highly sophisticated rotating connectors are designed and manufactured by Elet.Ca SpA, based in Italy. By using special surface treatments and gold plated contacts combined with the small size and the excellent and reliable performance of the Aurotac connectors, these units are ideal for transmitting signal and control circuits in applications where conventional sliprings cannot be used. The long-life sliding contacts are suitable for use with electronics circuits that use analogue or digital signals as well as in power circuits up to 25 Amp.